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The BBC Propaganda And The Need for The World to rise and Stop Another Genocide In Biafra



 The BBC Information Propaganda And The Want for The World to rise and Cease One other Genocide In Biafra  The period we are actually is such a horrible one, …

 The BBC Information Propaganda And The Want for The World to rise and Cease One other Genocide In Biafra 

The period we are actually is such a horrible one, wherein the media have been weaponized in opposition to the victims of tyranny and terrorism, whereas terrorists and terrorists-supporting governments get pleasure from media cover-up from big media firms the world over. Such is the case of Nigerịa and Biafra.

Just lately, Biafrans have been subjected to media assaults and lethal blackmail. The Nigeria authorities, utilizing her safety structure have dedicated a number of atrocities and used media to accuse IPOB of being the perpetrators.

On the twelfth of Could, 2022, the British Broadcasting Cooperation(BBC) got here with their very own propaganda in opposition to similar Biafrans, concentrating on Biafra Media faces the world over, accusing them of propagating violence. This British media big of their brutishness portrayed the Biafrans as villains, and projected Fulanii herdsmen terrorists because the victims. Their goal was to name out these media faces for persecution and prosecution of their nations of residence. In all probability, to get them arrested, and deported again to Nigerịa, in order that the killer Nigeria authorities can have them killed or imprisoned.

The BBC sport in opposition to Biafrans didn’t begin right this moment. In 1967 — 1970, BBC pushed out a number of misinformation in opposition to Biafra, convincing the world that Biafrans had been bunch of rabels that must be worn out. All of the atrocities they had been committing in Biafra land was shielded by BBC.

Biafra was a younger nation that declared her Independence on Could thirtieth, 1967. This independence was declared on account of the killing of greater than 30,000 Biafrans within the Northern Nigerịa, and the next refusal of Yakubu Gowon, the then Nigerịa head of state to implement the ‘Aburi Accord’.

These had been why Biafrans took it as an obligation to defend and defend themselves, and cease the North from the killing of Biafra residents. And separation then turned the most suitable choice.

This selection Biafrans took didn’t go down nicely with the British authorities, as they believes that the sources in Biafra soil belonges to Britain, the Nigeria’s colonial grasp. And that being the case, Britain can’t absolutely and autocratically take cost of those sources, ought to Biafra develop into an unbiased nation. However, below one Nigeria and doubtless below the governance and dominance of the Fulanii tribe, Britain will proceed to benefit from the Biafra sources, whereas the homeowners of the sources undergo.

So, Britain, utilizing BBC, activated a harmful media propaganda in opposition to the younger Biafra nation.

Britain wanted the warfare that came about in 1967 — 1970 to occur, and so they labored in direction of it. 

How did Britain do that? Learn on:

Within the Nigerịa of 1960, the Igbos and the remainder of their cousins(the entire Previous Jap Area of Nigeria) had been probably the most educated in Nigerịa. This meant that the North may by no means have simply discovered their methods to being usefully integrated into any sector of Nigerias financial actions. And even when Britain rig the election to favour the North, the employees in each sector would nonetheless probably be southerners, so Britain wanted to place a cease to this by instigating a warfare.

The coup of 1966 led by Kaduna Nzeogwu was first seen as a Nigerịa revolution. A defeat of evil, corruption and injustice. It was pictured as a victory for Nigeria, till BBC got here with their lies and propaganda.

It can curiosity you to know that Britain already had Hausa Broadcasting Service, even earlier than the independence of Nigerịa. And Britain have seen ‘virgin illiterates’ within the North, that can be utilized at any given time by manipulative media. In order that they took the benefit.

Britain, instantly after the coup, used the Hausa BBC platform to incite the primarily uneducated Hausa folks in opposition to the Igbos. They had been informed that the coup was deliberate by the Igbos to take over the nation. They incited the North in opposition to the Igbos, resulting in the dying of greater than 30,000 Igbo folks. The Northern Hausa Fulanii mob killed a number of Igbo folks and littered their our bodies on the streets of the North.

When a gathering was referred to as in Aburi, Ghana by the then Ghanaian president, it was meant to keep away from battle or civil warfare. The end result of the assembly would have stopped the upcoming warfare, nevertheless it turned out that Britain didn’t like the end result, as it will not be to their core curiosity. 

And once more, BBC intensified their marketing campaign of lies and ruthless propaganda in opposition to Biafra folks. Utilizing BBC Hausa Service, they turned the entire assembly the other way up, stating that Gowon has bowed all the way down to Ojukwu. By implication, it implies that Nigeria, or do I say “the North” has bowed all the way down to Biafra.

The bulk illiterate northern plenty didn’t take that simple. In order that they unleashed extra mayhem, forcing Yakubu Gowon to renege on Aburi accord.

In Aburi accord, an settlement to return to regional authorities was reached. One thing Britain didn’t need. A regional authorities would give Biafrans greater probability to regulate their sources. Because of this will probably be inconceivable for Britain to control Biafrans like they’d do in a Nigera managed by the Fulanis.

So, the British depraved propaganda led to the warfare that claimed the lives of greater than 3.5 million Biafrans. That warfare was the one measure Britain may undertake to push the Igbo again, and cement the Fulanii dominance of Nigeria’s economic system, enabling Britain to maintain milking Biafra sources.

52 years after the warfare, Biafrans are nonetheless handled as slaves in Nigeria, marginalized and kị́lled. They’re denied of little issues like roads and infrastructure. Railways was constructed throughout different areas, however Igbo areas, that had been Biafrans is lower out by the federal government. The area has no seaport and no working worldwide Airport. They had been stopped from occupying very important positions in Nigeria. And up till at the present time, an Igbo has by no means develop into a president of Nigerịa. Nigeria hate the Igbos, but they don’t need them to have their very own Republic.

These in poor health therapies of Nigeria authorities, aided and supervised by the British in opposition to the Igbos have resurrected the decision for the restoration of Biafra.

The Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous Individuals Of Biafra(IPOB) turned the motion, championing the decision.

Since 2010, the Nigeria authorities has been killing IPOB relations, whose offences have solely been that they waves Biafra flags, protesting peacefully in demand for a referendum to find out the Biafrans destiny. 

At Nkpor in Onitsha, Emene in Enugu, Aba, Umuahia, Port Harcourt, etcetera, IPOB members had been kịlled in numbers. Just lately, Nigerịa authorities have been killing Igbos in Orlu, Imo State within the identify of going after Jap Safety Community(ESN) and IPOB members.

The unlawful transfer by Nigerịa authorities to kidnap IPOB chief, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Kenya modified the entire story. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was terribly renditioned from Kenya to Nigeria, after merciless torture and a number of other inhuman therapies. And since then, the state have unleashed a number of blackmail in opposition to the IPOB motion. Numerous folks have been killed and their deaths deceptiously blamed on IPOB. The latest killing of soldier couple in a barbaric method was meant to color IPOB as evil, within the eyes of the world. Since then, BBC has joined to demonize IPOB the best way they demonized Biafra in 1967 — 1970. 

It’d curiosity you to know that since greater than 9 months now that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu(a British citizen) was kidnapped and compelled into Nigeria by Nigeria authorities, BBC haven’t investigated or reported it.

However, we is not going to enable BBC to make use of media to condemn Biafrans to a different genocide, like they did in 1967 — 1970. Not after we are alive, and never on this period of social media.

Biafrans, mates of Biafra and lovers of freedom ought to rise as much as the event to counter and expose BBC because the evil and pretend information champions they’re. BBC has mastered a approach to report an occasions as to destroy the victims and save the villain.

One factor is obvious right here. And when you have no idea this, I’ll give it to you without cost. Biafra restoration will not be a very good deal for Britain. Your subjugation and annihilation is a assure for British prosperity. And they’re bent on ensuring Biafrans are subjugated ceaselessly.

This is the reason you have to rise as much as the event. It’s essential to counter BBC and their likes. It’s essential to do issues collectively and individually. It’s essential to use each information media platform to show BBC and their likes. Biafrans live each the place on the planet. You’ll be able to submit a petition in opposition to BBC and the way they’re aiding Fulani terrorists within the killing of Christians and murdering of Biafrans in Igbo land, and past. Submit such petitions to the federal government of the place you’re residing. Don’t say you already know not what to do.

Lastly, that is the time for everybody to get again to his or her unit and begin supporting this motion. Their goal is to have the motion destroyed earlier than releasing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, however we is not going to let that occur.

In our very personal eyes, we will see Biafra develop into a Republic!



Written by Elochukwu Ohagi

Edited and Revealed by:

Household Writers Press Worldwide

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