Shariah law is beneficial to both Christians and Muslims, says Muslim cleric


Dr. Muhammad Lawan, Chairman of Da’awah and Relief Organisation in Gombe State, has said that critics of Shariah law are ignorant of its benefits to both the Muslims and Christians.

The cleric said that the aim of Shariah law is not to Islamize the country but to bring development and make life better for the citizens.

Lawan stated this in an interview with The PUNCH on Saturday.

When asked about the activities of Hisbah dragging the North backward he said:


“People are ignorant about the Sharia law; that is why they are afraid but in reality, Sharia is beneficial to Muslims and non -Muslims. It has brought more development than backwardness.”

“For instance, Jaiz Bank is an Islamic bank. Some people have said they want to use it to Islamise the country but from records, many people with shares in the bank are Christians because of its advantages.”

“There is no interest on loans and profit is usually shared, according to the number of shares you have there unlike in the commercial banks where money paid as interest can be more than the actual amount borrowed.”

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