Pumpkin Cutlets With A Soft And Stringy Heart


These pumpkin cutlets with a soft and stringy heart are the best answer for those searching out the second route of greens unique from the usual, grasping, and aromatic.

The pureed pumpkin filled with stringy mozzarella is a delicious and opportunity manner to experience this vegetable, and cooking in a pan offers it an irresistible crust.

I made myself these cutlets for lunch, a really tasty single dish that everyone will like.

Pumpkin cutlets with a soft and stringy heart

Pumpkin cutlets with a smooth and stringy coronary heart without gluten and eggs are a delicious second path that is prepared fast.


ScopeSide dish

Preparation20 minutes
Cooking20 minutes

Total time40 minutesPortions2 human beings
Calories250 kcal
ChefDina Ginsburg


  • 500 pumpkin without peel
  • 150 potato starch
  • mozzarella
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste
  • to taste oil for frying


  • Start preparing the Pumpkin cutlets with a gentle and stringy heart . Clean the pumpkin and chop it coarsely. Cook in plenty of water for approximately 15 minutes, it should be tender.
    Mash it properly with a fork until you get a clean puree, to which you’ll upload the potato starch, a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix the whole lot nicely till it bureaucracy a smooth and conceivable dough with your arms.
  • Divide the dough into 6 equal parts, spread each on the palm of the hand, upload a slice of mozzarella and near the pumpkin combination on the way to completely cowl the mozzarella and give it the shape of a cutlet.
  • Heat a drop of oil in a pan, while it is hot, fry your cutlets for 7-eight minutes in keeping with aspect until they’re golden brown and have shaped a thin crust. Serve them warm in order that the filling is excellent and tender.


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