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Prophet Onye Eze Jesus Reveals – He came from the Water (video)



prophet Onye Eze

prophet Onye Eze Jesus has said that he came from the water but he doesn’t have anything to do with the marine spirit.


The prophet said this while performing money Rituals for some male and female members of his ministry at a River in the state.

In the video monitored by Centapost News, His members are seen with rams and one of his subordinates is seen with a Big Mirror which they used for the Rituals.

Addressing the Public who may misunderstand his own type of calling, He clarified that he is not using the power of the marine spirit, adding that God gave him to power but his own is different, “Ekere ORu Eke” in Igbo which means there is a Division of Labour.

Explaining why he always do his prayers in the River, prophet Onye Eze stated that he came from the Water (River) but his power is not from the waters and he has nothing to do with the Marine spirit, (Mmuo Miri or Mami Water), clarifies that Water is created by God and there is a purpose for it, not for evil but depends on the perspective of views and believes.

In another video, The Prophet also showed off some Millions of tithe brought to him by testifiers, he urged the people not to always seek solutions to their problems adding that he is a cleanser of UCHU which means “Ancestral or evil Powers”

He said: “There is Division of Labor, what am doing here is spiritual, those who do not believe will soon believe just like others.”

He mentioned some prophets he respects, “I respect prophet Jeremiah Omoto, Apostle Suleman, they are Prophets of truth, do not speak against your fellow pastors”

“I believe I came from the waters, water is life, but I don’t have business with Marine spirit, almighty God called me, there is Division of Labour, it depends what you are going to the waters to do. I am not Fake, Testimonies bring people to my ministry” He added.

He further went ahead with his rituals and prayers with Mirror and Rams.

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