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Nigeria Has Thousands Of Sick Leaders In Need Of Treatment — Cleric




A Catholic Priest, Rev Fr George Ehusani, has mentioned Nigerian leaders have continued to push the narrative that the residents hate each other in order that they will not be united towards them. 


The cleric, who’s the founding father of Lux Terra Management Basis, a coaching outfit for future church leaders, spoke in a viral message to members of his congregation. 

In response to him, the rogue leaders have made Nigerians consider they hate each other when there’s truly no hate. 

He said that the issue with Nigeria is failed management, stressing that the implications of failed management introduced in regards to the killings, kidnappings and banditry.

“I actually do not assume we hate each other, let’s not enable our leaders to make us consider we hate each other. We actually do not hate each other, we’ve got a variety of sociopaths, individuals who have run mad for no matter cause, killing individuals in every single place however close to them might be some Igbo, Yoruba individuals relating completely like brothers and sisters. 

“Let’s not maintain singing that music that we hate each other, we actually do not hate each other. It’s our leaders which have achieved this to us, it is successive rogue leaders have achieved this to us and slightly than the individuals recognizing who their enemies are, we flip to 1 one other, we actually do not hate each other.

“We’ve kids who’ve been disadvantaged, kids who grew up on the streets and don’t have any morals, kids who’ve by no means seen the love of a father or the love of a mom, kids who don’t have any sense of a rustic as a result of the nation has not been of any use to them. Kids who don’t have any enterprise figuring out as Nigerians, it does not matter to them whether or not they’re Nigerians or Ghanaians or Nigeriens or Chadians as a result of the federal government has achieved nothing for them.

“They don’t have any sense of patriotism, now after they start to kill and destroy, we flip it round that we hate each other, we do not. At the same time as individuals are dying, individuals are nonetheless supporting and serving to each other day by day, so let’s not purchase that lie that our leaders are telling us. It’s management that has failed.

“That we do not have mutual curiosity for each other, management has failed. Individuals are dwelling jungle lives. Within the jungle, what do you get? Dishonest and killing and all types. The system is so corrupt which you could hardly get something by the fitting door. Somebody is driving a automotive and the police cease you with a gun and the individual offers him N500 so he can cross, is that basically corruption or extortion, we actually want to think about this. On the finish of the day, we see individuals being wasted for not agreeing to offer, all that #EndSARS protest was about that. 

“Our leaders have put us on this. What’s the distinction between Nigerians and Ghanaians if not management? What is the distinction if not management, we’ve got had management failure and the implications of this management failure are huge and we Nigerians should perceive this in order that we are able to take this significantly. 

“Management is a good accountability and we should not enable charlatans maintain management, we should not enable individuals who don’t have any enterprise with management place there however right here and there, we’ve got varied posts on this nation occupied by individuals who don’t have any enterprise being in a management place and they’re destroying us and they’re knocking our heads collectively and we’re agreeing that we hate one another. I do not hate any Nigerian, I do not hate anyone

“The people who find themselves finishing up killings, how nicely are they? Have they been introduced up correctly What number of of them have the sort of mom that introduced you up or the sort of father? Lots of the proverbs I say on this church, I heard from my father and that tells you the period of time I spent with my father, what number of of these individuals had one hour in a 12 months sitting down with their father and discussing life?

“What we’ve got are sociopaths, loopy individuals, mad those who kidnap and kill individuals. They don’t seem to be individuals whose senses are appropriate. While you see a mad man throwing stones at individuals, you do not say he hates, slightly, you say he’s sick. We’ve tens of millions of sick individuals who want therapy, together with 1000’s of so-called leaders who’re sick and so they want therapy. I hope you realize that if a variety of the individuals main us on the native authorities degree to the federal authorities undergo a psychological check, a lot of them will fail. 

“Many will not be nicely, even the primitive accusation, the monumental corruption, do you assume people who find themselves nicely will be gathering what their grandchildren can’t devour? Individuals, who’re nicely will take the little assets in Nigeria to go and construct homes in Dubai? Do you assume that people who find themselves nicely will carry the little assets of Nigerians to UK, US, Dubai to purchase properties and are available again right here to reap the cash, do you assume people who find themselves nicely will do this? So, please change your vocabulary, discover one thing else to say.”

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