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Nigeria: For 50 Years They Manipulated The East Until The Birth Of IPOB



 Nigeria: For 50 Years They Manipulated The East Till The Beginning Of IPOB  The nation is gone. These searching for who to arrest for saying we…

Nigeria: For 50 Years They Manipulated The East Till The Beginning Of IPOB

The nation is gone. These searching for who to arrest for saying we should always peacefully settle for referendum and resolve by ourselves if we should always divide or keep collectively are arresting the true patriots. They’re the actual downside ravaging the nation. The nation didn’t begin immediately to go in direction of hell, it began when Nigeria Authorities determined to not heed to the recommendation of Philip Effiong which requested the Nigeria authorities to “deal with the surrendering Biafrans effectively or danger their kids rising once more”. As a substitute of Nigeria authorities to welcome Biafrans as their fellow nation males, they barred them from attaining sure positions within the nation. They incapacitated them and by no means gave them a stage enjoying floor. This led to institutionalization of injustice and marginalization. And in addition opened the door to corruption.

There may be each must hold Biafrans in test, so the leaders of Nigeria determined to govern management in Ìgbòland. ‘We should resolve who turns into a governor, Senator or president of Ohanaeze in Igbo land, as to guide them not directly. We should divide them, choose some amongst these of them that say they don’t seem to be Igbo and use them as brokers of division. We should not permit them converse with one voice, nor allow them to take cost of their future. We should hold manipulating and dividing them. That is the only plan of people who inherited Nigeria after the civil conflict.

These plans did nothing aside from divide the nation the extra. Did they achieve manipulating East utilizing these they referred to as leaders? Sure! Did it backfire? Sure!

For greater than 50 years, Japanese leaders have been serving the Fulani Oligarchy. For them to win election, they should be loyal to the Fulani, and being loyal to the Fulani is standing towards the collective pursuits of the East.


For an Japanese chief to win elections, he has to agree to not shield his individuals. He has to maintain quiet even when bombs are thrown on his individuals. That is the one garranty he has to turn out to be a vice chairman. All these years it seems they’re succeeding till the approaching of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The final effort made by the true house owners of Nigeria, the Fulani Oligarchy was the unlawful removing of Gov Emeka Ihedioha and changing him with a Fulani stooge within the individual of Hope Uzodimma. One other was the imposition of George Obiozo because the Ohanaeze President. This has been the best way the Fulani has been manipulating ndị Igbo. However it isn’t solely concerning the Igbo. Additionally they have their fingers in each a part of Biafra Land. The Ijaw, Efik, Ogoni, Urhobo and many others are all beneath the identical manipulation. Whoever rises to liberate his individuals, they bribe and people they can not bribe they kill. It was after they observed that they will now not bribe or manipulate Ken Saro-Wiwa into working towards his those that they killed him, utilizing soiled manipulative Nigeria judiciary.

Some that rose up as liberators of their very own individuals have been purchased over by giving them a humiliating contracts as little as being an oil pipeline guards. Think about house owners of the oil being given a contract to protect pipelines, whereas people who would not personal something dwelling massive because the controlling managers within the Oil division. You’re being manipulated. That is why you hear most of them talking towards something that may deliver salvation for Biafra. That is why a few of them are towards any group that’s decided sufficient to deliver salvation to their very own individuals. You see them choose on trivial issues, whereas they are saying nothing concerning the risks going through their individuals within the fingers of Fulani herdsmen terrorists. They’re mules amongst their individuals.

Japanese leaders are merchandise of a few years of manipulation. The nation headed to desaster instantly her leaders determined to govern part of the nation as to maintain them down and manipulated. For it’s a matter of time and the individuals you’re holding down will stand up. So am telling you immediately that people who destroyed Nigeria are people who pampers terrorists and recruits them into the army. They’re them that pays Fulani herdsmen to cease killing, as an alternative of confronting the terrorists. The destroyers are them that may gladly open fireplace at protesting youths waving Nigeria Flag at #Lekkitollgate resulting in #LekkiMassacre however is not going to assault Bandits kidnapping and killing individuals. Destroyers of Nigeria are them that may assault #ESN whose job is to guard farmers in Japanese Bushes, however might be negotiating with killer bandits and Fulani herdsmen terrorists.

They’re identical those that thinks it’s proper to occupy individuals’s forest and convert it to their settlement. They’re the explanation individuals are rising as much as say sufficient is sufficient. They’re the explanation Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is demanding freedom for his individuals. Sadly for the oppressors, the individuals of the East have risen as much as reject the stooges they’re utilizing to govern the individuals. In the present day, the individuals do not regard any governor or Senator. They’re day-after-day ready for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to guide and direct them. Even people who spoke towards him and Biafra freedom are immediately his best followers. You do not blame individuals for reacting, blame the trigger for which they’re reacting.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Thinker, Instructor And Activist, 2020

Printed by Household Writers Press Worldwide.

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