Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to address United Nations, US, UK, on Biafra Agitation


Breaking News! Kanu to address United Nations, US, UK, others on New Phase of Biafra Agitation

The leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be broadcasting live on Radio Biafra London (RBL), IPOB  Community  Radio (ICR), and other media platforms on Saturday, 12th  Dec.2020.

Time; 7 pm Biafra Time.


In this broadcast, he will be addressing the USA, United Nations, United Kingdom, European unions, etc.  This broadcast will change the face of the Biafra struggle, in as much as our hopes are high, tensions are high, this broadcast is the last straw that will break the Camel’s back.

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IPOB Leadership.

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