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Man Who Used His Wife’s Bank Card To Go Shopping With Another Lady Disgraced Publicly



Vee BBNaija season 5

See How This Lady Embarrassed His Man Publicly After He Used Her Bank Card To Shop For Another Lady(video)


The video was posted on a page on Instagram called Tundeednut. The young man in the video is the husband of the beautiful lady who wore back clothes.

Funny things are really happening nowadays. No one could believe what the young man in the video just did to his woman all in the name of satisfying and pleasing other ladies. Some Men really need to be spanked.

According to the video, the man in question took his side chick out to shop using his woman’s bank card, on their way coming they come across the wife to who the bank card belongs.

After the woman met them on the road, she asked for her bank card, she did not only stop there, she told the man to off everything he was wearing because according to her, she bought everything for him. She clothed his clothes and shoes on the road while passersby were watching and some were chanting “shame on you”.

Looking at the video, you could see how the woman slapped the man multiple times after she collected everything she bought for the man. Some of the passersby didn’t just stand there to watch, some of the videoed the event and because they were in the other part of the world can watch the video.

With what happened in the video, I do not think both can be together again. But anyway, they might eventually come together after they might have settled their differences.

watch the video below;




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