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Life coach, Solomon Buchi defends woman who called Igbo men “insufferable and misogynistic”



An Igbo girl took to Twitter to write down her opinion about her kinsmen from the Jap a part of Nigeria.

In keeping with the girl, recognized as @Aphrodiety__, Igbo males are very annoying, conceited, and have a placing dislike for profitable girls.

As anticipated, her opinion has been met with plenty of criticism and in addition stirred up a  entire controversy.

Whereas most women agree with this level, the lads are unabashedly unrepentant with their egoistic and snarky responses.

Nonetheless, author and life coach, Solomon Buchi Bartholomew, has come to the girl’s defence, saying that what she stated about Igbo males is true, although she ought to attempt to not generalise.

Solomon Buchi, who can also be an Igbo man, took to his twitter web page to weigh in on the controversial submit and in addition name out his tribesmen for being management freaks.

He accused Igbo males of appearing like “demigods” after they have cash and forcefully making an attempt to show their wives to housewives. He stated they see girls because the “lesser gender” and are obsessive about male kids.

He wrote,

If I say that Igbos are hardworking, plenty of y’all will nod and agree with me. But when I say that Igbo males are usually misogynistic, you bash and cuss me out. Why would you conform to a conclusive optimistic assertion and never take criticisms that means too?

First off, there’s actually an issue with selective stereotypes. Apart from, stereotypes are stereotypes as a result of they’ve truths in them. We’ll say Yoruba folks love events. Hausas are hospitable and United. Igbos are hardworking and enterprise oriented. Yeah?

Now, in that very same mild, there are sides to the positives too. Igbo males are extremely misogynistic; this isn’t tribalism. This isn’t fueling ethnocentrism; that is only a reality. For those who name it a generalization then let’s take a look at our hypocrisy..

Nigerians will come on-line and say the police is hard, dangerous and tyrannical in direction of the residents. The police is usually painted in dangerous mild. No one remembers that’s stereotyping. There are freaking good police males however outnumbered by the dangerous ones.

What am I making an attempt to say? When somebody calls out a tribe; criticizing them, don’t even come claiming its stereotyping as a result of all of us freaking stereotype and it’s not at all times dangerous! Everyone knows each stereotype has exceptions!

Do Akwa Ibom folks love canine meat? Sure! Many however then not ALL! Are Nigerian politicians corrupt? Most not all! What am I saying? There’s at all times one thing peculiar to a gaggle of individuals! Good and dangerous! Now again to the primary speak..

They often really feel like they’re demigods particularly after they have cash; they really feel entitled to a girl and the whole lot about her. Their ego is bloated and actually often uncouth. That is the reality.

They’d inform you how they’ll feed you in disdain simply since you refused to conform to their proposal. They’d remind you the way they’ve somebody your mate that they’re caring for.

They’d get married to a girl and switch her to a housewife by drive. Management you such as you don’t have a thoughts of your personal.

The Igbo conventional practices don’t assist. They’ve misogyny so entrenched in them. The girl is seen as a lesser gender. It’s prevalent with Igbos, the obsession with male kids is simply a lot.

And even when a there’s a lady baby, there are Igbo sayings like: “Nwoke bu ugwu nwanyi”. Which means a person is the dignity of a girl. Like saying a girl is incomplete with no man.

There are lots of situations. Ask girls round you. Lots of them will conform to you. I’m not saying all Igbos are this fashion however belief me it’s harder to make a typical Igbo man to think about gender equality than another tribe.

We’re very conventional. All the time clenched to how our fathers did it. All the time. Effectively, this isn’t a hate submit. It is a name out submit that we will do higher. There are good Igbo males who’re progressive.

So yeah, Igbo males ought to attempt to be extra open and shed the stripes of misogyny. I do know it’s how we have been conditioned however it’s best to make the distinction. Gracias!

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