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Just In!! Ghana Police Fails To Release Over 50 Members Of IPOB Arrested At Their Meeting Venue




Some members of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, A group seeking for a breakaway from Nigeria, was reportedly arrested at Malam Junction, Accra Ghana by the Ghanaian Police on Sunday 29th August 2021 during their general meeting.

The police officers who carried out the mass arrest disclosed to them that an order that resulted to the arrest came from “ABOVE”.. Some members are still wondering the reason for such a sudden and unwarranted arrest, because they are always maintaining all Covid-19 Measures anytime they are holding any gathering in the country.

Reports alleges that the Nigerian Government in collaboration with the Ghanaian government are in search of a high-ranked member of IPOB, whom they suspected to be residing in the country.

Those arrested includes a nursing mother who was present during the general meeting of IPOB in Ghana.

The Ghanaian government must release our members because they committed no crime known to law.

Self-Determination is not a crime, but the right of all free people as enshrined under United Nations Charter Law for all free people to participate in.

Therefore, the Ghanian Police must release all IPOB Members in their custody, A member charges the Police authorities in Ghana.

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