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IPOB: The Underrated Freedom Movement



IPOB: The Underrated Freedom Movement

 IPOB: The Underrated Freedom Motion  When this motion of the Indigenous Individuals Of Biafra(IPOB), ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu began, i…

IPOB: The Underrated Freedom Motion

When this motion of the Indigenous Individuals Of Biafra(IPOB), ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu began, it was straightforward for a number of mischievous individuals to write down towards Biafra. Many political recruits of the Nigeria authorities within the East, comprising largely of youths, rose as much as write many demeaning articles and posts towards the agitation. Some even blamed the agitators for dying within the palms of Nigeria army. Some even mocked Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who narrowly escaped for his life when battalions of Nigeria troopers got here to kill him.

IPOB peaceable agitators had been murdered by troopers, and a few of these heartless critiques mentioned that these youths had been dying out of foolishness, that they fairly knew that  President Buhari is the president, but they got here out to protest. So, they concluded that these youths killed themselves. By this fashion, they exonerated the murderous Nigeria troopers and blamed the victims. It was identical to blaming a rape sufferer and exonerating the brutal rapist.

I keep in mind certainly one of them writing to maliciously painting that IPOB members who haven’t any weapons got here out to confront troopers with weapons. However protest is rarely confrontation. They at all times have methods of constructing it seem like the protesters are usually not peaceable, as to advance the political tenure of their pay masters.

“Biafra can solely be achieved by means of conflict or becoming a member of politics” is what one of many sophists recruited by Ọhaneze will at all times say. That was their ploy to pressure IPOB into metamorphosing right into a political occasion.

At this time, these they referred to as miscreants did not fall for that, however are nonetheless waxing stronger.

For them, IPOB members are miscreants. They are saying they’re made up of Keke and Okada riders. They mentioned IPOB members are usually not in anyway educated. They see themselves solely because the  educated ones. However how can uneducated folks begin such a terrific motion?

The underrating of IPOB members by the Igbo acclaimed educated class supporting the federal government performed an vital function within the progress of IPOB. They’ll at all times say that IPOB or Nnamdi Kanu doesn’t converse for ndị Igbo. They make it seem like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a no one. They search for each alternative to inform you how IPOB is the rationale issues are usually not working correctly within the East. Whereas their governors are in energy looting, they demand good governance from IPOB.

IPOB is the best freedom preventing motion on the planet. IPOB has educated folks and professionals of their rank. But these so referred to as intellectuals did not see these in IPOB as educated folks. The kidnapping of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has once more confirmed that these of them that claimed to be educated are usually not even educated. They’re really blind males.

IPOB has confirmed that they certainly converse for the folks. Due to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, ndị Igbo have constantly stayed at residence. Nothing of such has ever occurred earlier than within the Igbos’ historical past. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has develop into the best Igbo man alive and can quickly remodel into the best Igbo man lifeless or alive.

However, the politicians are usually not sleeping. They need to struggle again. They’ve used army and police and failed. They’ve kidnapped, imprisoned, killed and but failed. So, they selected to infiltrate IPOB as to trigger issues. These infiltrators are the autopiloters. They had been primarily former supporters of politicians not way back. Their obligation is to terro-rize our folks within the title of IPOB. They need the folks to start out seeing IPOB as these destroying folks’s properties. They need to trigger the folks to start out murmuring towards their very own freedom. They’re working for the dub-ious politicians.

As actual IPOB member, you will need to educate our folks and allow them to perceive that autopiloters are working for Niigeria authorities to hurt them. They’re those the politicians sponsored to be terrorising the folks each Monday within the title of implementing an already canceled sit at residence.

It’s due to this fact your obligation as IPOB member to defend the wrestle. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu mentioned he is not going to disappoint us, however we’ll disappoint him. He knew that today will come.

Will you enable autopiloters trigger hurt to this very wrestle which have taken the lives of thousands and thousands of Biafra folks?

Written by Elochukwu Ohagi

Edited and revealed by

Household Writers Press Worldwide.


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