International criminal court & Amnesty Int’l are worsening Insecurity in Nigeria Lai Mohammed


Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, has accused Amnesty International and the International Criminal Court of worsening the security challenges facing the country through their criticisms of activities of Nigerian troops.

Addressing journalists on review of activities of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2020 alleged that the two organizations by their constant criticisms of the activities of Nigeria’s security operatives saddled with the task of fighting against insurgency and other crimes are colluding to “exacerbate the challenges facing the country in the area of security.”

He said, “Gentlemen, let me say straight away that Nigeria is fending off attacks on many fronts, not just from terrorists and bandits, but also from some human rights organizations and the International Criminal Court (ICC) which seem to have colluded to exacerbate the challenges facing the country in the area of security.

“While our security agencies continue to battle these bandits and terrorists, the ICC and some international human rights organizations, especially Amnesty International, have constituted themselves to another ‘fighting force’ against Nigeria, constantly harassing our security forces and threatening them with the investigation and possible prosecution over alleged crimes against humanity and war crimes.

“Unfortunately, a section of the local media has been parroting these organizations without weighing the impact of their constant threats on the security of the nation.

“The federal government frowns at this unbridled attempt to demoralize our security men and women as they confront the onslaught from bandits and terrorists.


The Minister added that Nigeria is a sovereign state and will not surrender its sovereignty to any organization while asking ICC, Amnesty International, and others to desist from threatening Nigerian troops

“Enough is enough. It is said that these organizations mostly rely on fake news and disinformation to reach their conclusions, as witnessed during the Endsars protest when CNN – an otherwise respected global news network – went to town with fake news of a massacre. As it turned out, it was a massacre without bodies.

“ As you are aware, we called CNN out and also petitioned the network. Though they acknowledged receipt of our petition, we have yet to hear from them on what actions they intend to take to prevent a recurrence of the fake news they peddled about Nigeria

“I can assure you, gentlemen, that the matter is far from over.”


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