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I paid ₦120 for their Bride Price – Man who married 2 wives same day says (photos)



I paid ₦120 for their Bride Price – Man who married 2 wives same day says (photos)

Mr. Samson Othuro Uloho from Delta State Nigeria who is married to 2 wives, Faith Famous and Evelyn Ikpama has said that he paid a pride price of 120 Naira.

In the video, when Mr. Samson Othuro Uloho was asked why he has to marry two wives on the same day, adding that he did it to be greater than his father.

“My dad got married to one wife, and his prayers for me is that I should be greater than him in everything I do in this life, so I deemed it fit to marry two women on the same day as I want to prove that I am greater than my father.”

Mr. Samson Othuro Uloho continued – “In the Isoko tradition where I came from, a man can marry as many wives as possible provided that he can take good care of the women.

The 37-year-old man also went on to tell BBC pidgin that the bridal price in his community where he came from, is only ₦120. But with a lot of other rites that should be performed by the groom.

Both the wives Faith Famous and Evelyn Ikpama said they are happy with their life and won’t be angry if the man ever decides to marry another woman in the future. The first wife said that her husband is a good man and he is providing for them both physically, financially, and emotionally so there is no cause to complain from her side.

Here are some photos from the traditional marriage below.

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