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FWPI Editorial: Trending Wave Of Ignorance In Nigeria And The Need For Urgent Awakening




 FWPI Editorial: Trending Wave Of Ignorance In Nigeria And The Want For Pressing Awakening The varied ethnic nationalities entrapped on this …

 FWPI Editorial: Trending Wave Of Ignorance In Nigeria And The Want For Pressing Awakening

The varied ethnic nationalities entrapped on this British colony known as Nigeria, are presently convulsing and residing in strigent dilemma. Essentially the most pathetic of all of it, is the speed at which a few of them, are fairly unaware of their destiny. It has been comparatively, an expertise of a lamb helplessly ready to be slaughtered.

On this a part of Africa, it’s a cherishable observe or tradition, to slaughter animals of alternative even at will, for no matter occasion or consumption. Normally, when such a “marked animal” is positioned for killing, some feeds are supplied for it because the final meal of comfort earlier than loss of life. And being unaware of what would quickly befall it, effectively sharpened knife or cutlass is positioned on its throat and slitted. It’s killed and each different factor wanted to be completed afterwards, ensues.

The residents of Nigeria, are all at present at some extent of no return. There isn’t a proper of alternative and Nigerians are being made to grapple with no matter penalties of actions and insurance policies which can be positioned earlier than them. And most sadly, majority appear gravely unaware of the “meal”, ready and served earlier than them. The powers that be, have blatantly taken it upon themselves, to make slaves and sacrificial lambs of their fellow human beings due to assumed privileges at their disposal.

The chief of the Indigenous Individuals of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has repeatedly been calling on all of the Nigerian residents to brace as much as the daunting challenges staring them within the face. He has persistently alarmed that the individuals ought to come up and place demand for his or her rights of freedom from the yoke of the slavery of One-Nigerianism. Those that are educated, cheap and unpleased with the spate of retrogression that’s ravaging the nation. Those that are utterly detestful to the fulanization cum islamization agenda of the caliphate run Nigeria authorities. It’s actually wonderful to notice that every one the warnings have nonetheless, fallen on deaf ears. 

There was this man who generally in the past, acknowledged on the social media, that Nigeria will maintain evolving till a very servant-leader of a President, finally emerges. This place alone, vividly reveals that many individuals even the so-called educated, nonetheless lack the sense of the looming hazard. These being hoped on to deliver concerning the required modifications, are effectively engrossed in paying allegiance to the Fulani oligarchy. That is how Nigeria was essentially structured to perform and it’s most disappointing. The management of energy lies within the arms of those Fulanis and so they reliquinsh such to whosoever they need. That is but the principle motive why votes don’t rely throughout and after elections. They willfully manipulate positions to their most well-liked slave candidates in opposition to the favored needs of the individuals. And amidst all these, the hazards should not but being noticed.

Nigeria is a conglomeration of various ethnic teams with divergent worth techniques and beliefs. And for one to single-handedly have others subdued, isn’t just solely detestable however completely suicidal. That is clearly what needs to be understood. The voice of motive needs to be listened to and allowed to prevail. The IPOB pushed freedom battle for a few years now, is just not for the good thing about Biafrans solely, however for the whole lot of Africans the place issues needs to be humanely carried out. The place lives are valued as sacred and human rights of residents duly accorded respect. The Fulanis, taking up nationwide political places of work, army/police instructions in addition to each different main establishments of affect with reckless abandon, is to say the least, unacceptable and have to be jettisoned. 

 Such a coverage breeds corruption and retrogression. The individuals need to be woke up to the evident realities of the time. To utterly conquer everyone seems to be the only real agenda of the Fulanis. They don’t give a hoot concerning no matter anyone’s tradition or custom is. All their intentions revolve round swallowing up all of the non secular beliefs and cultures of others. This, they craftily execute whether or not overtly or covertly, of their mad drive to overrun ancestral lands, obliterate all the things and take over.

It’s not secretive that these Islamic jihadists marauding with killing and destrictive instincts are for any type of cordial co-existence nor are they given to tolerate any shred of opposition. Nigerians should due to this fact, totally perceive that protecting mute within the face of those brazen acts of impunity and aggression, won’t ever in anyway, assure them, the wanted security and safety. The one veritable possibility is to courageously arise for his or her rights and face realities. They have to come up in response to IPOB’s alarm of a few years, to battle for the preservation of their ancestral houses/lands or higher nonetheless, stay detached and die in perpetual slavery beneath these marauding Islamic killers and ursurpers from the Sahel.

Written by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Editor, Household Writers Press Worldwide.


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