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Dubai creates artificial rain to combat heatwave




In one of the fascinating applied sciences in historical past, the well-known metropolis of Dubai is constant its creation of faux rain to deal with heatwave.

Drones are used for heavy downpours, partly brought on by cloud-seeding tasks. Dubai offers with extraordinarily scorching summers with temperatures over 50°C.

The United Arab Emirates’s Nationwide Heart of Meteorology (NCM) makes use of drone know-how for electrical prices into clouds.

The science trigger the clouds to cluster and kind precipitation. For this yr, the NCM launched a video of monsoon-like showers and sparking flashes of lightning.

The rain and robust winds minimize visibility on roads and created tough driving situations, The Nationwide reported.

Cloud seeding, one in all 9 totally different rain-making tasks, in used within the UAE. Others embrace dropping salt or different chemical compounds into clouds for condensation.

Drought-prone nations reminiscent of China and India use cloud seeding which can also be efficient for stopping rainfall and controlling flooding.

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