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Dave Umahi: The Scavenging Vulture



 Dave Umahi: The Scavenging Vulture The gory and despicable developments in Ebonyi State, are not information. Certainly, nobody will doubt that…

Dave Umahi: The Scavenging Vulture

The gory and despicable developments in Ebonyi State, are not information. Certainly, nobody will doubt that nearly on a regular basis, lives are been wasted. What’s stunning and naturally annoying, is that Dave Umahi would so shamelessly contemplate the lives of his relations expendable and settle for a full time job of working for APC and Fulani Jihadists.

For all intent and functions, forming EbubeAgu Safety Outfit was a nasty thought. Everyone with a modicum of sense knew this. Native politicians aren’t stunning. They crave a chance to exhibit their tendency to silence and extinguish each dissent and critic. Dave Umahi who was elected by his folks to guard their curiosity and struggle for his or her wellbeing as a governor, is immediately, utilizing EbubeAgu safety personnel to kill his folks. Each political opponents and enemies – actual or imagined, are being hacked to loss of life, together with the pissed off plenty, any time of the day.

Freedom of expression is the bedrock of any civilized society. Nevertheless, underneath Dave Umahi, that ingredient of democracy is gone. With the recruitment of touts whose job is public surveillance, what exists now could be uncontrolled barbarism. Many unsuspecting victims who innocently engaged in innocent chitchats with strangers on business buses, available in the market or God-knows-where, have both disappeared or present in graphic states.


Their solely crime: expression of frustration on the mayhem brought on by Fulani herdsmen and the betrayal by Dave Umahi. His acquiescence to the Fulani murderers and using EbubeAgu to kill youths which might be resisting the Islamic killers, is a supply of fear. This gestapo-like perspective is being displayed by a tyrant who’s unpopular. The story of a lady, who was traced to her house by employed foot troopers, gruesomely reduce into items for abusing Dave Umahi at Ebonyi worldwide market, is chilling.

With the accusation of organ harvesting that metamorphosed into #EndSars protest, it’s onerous to be satisfied that these South-East governors aren’t concerned in ritualism with the spate of killings that’s unabatedly occurring. Their inclination to facet with the oppressors to create extra pressure that can result in extra killings quite than stand with their folks, is suspicious and legendary, frankly talking. It’s stated that these the gods need to kill, they first make loopy. There isn’t any dispute concerning the finish of those that has chosen the trail of tyranny. It can positively not finish properly for Dave Umahi. A phrase is sufficient for the sensible!

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Household Writers Press Worldwide.

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