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Chiwetelu Agu: A True Igbo man And A Biafran




 Chiwetelu Agu: A True Igbo man And A Biafran Chiwetalu Agu “Whoever the gods need to kill, they first make mad”, in line with one…

 Chiwetelu Agu: A True Igbo man And A Biafran

Chiwetalu Agu

“Whoever the gods need to kill, they first make mad”, in line with one widespread adage. The eminent demise of the contraption referred to as Nigeria has been struck with sever insanity from the angle of its handlers. Such insanity has been exemplified by the assorted silly actions of the quota-system Nigerian ‘Intelligence’ companies. The current harassment of Chiwetalu Agu, a veteran Nollywood actor, by some barbaric, boorish, churlish and superannuated band of carnivores in human skins and garbed in navy regalia, clearly displayed a second of utter desecration and showcasing of insanity. Such jaundiced remedy of this dramatic virtuoso and a human tower of leisure, violates all canons of human dignity. The query now’s, do the Nigerian authorities and her companies know what is named dignity?

Such disrespect is unpardonable. And the query is, what offence did Mr. Chiwetelu Agu commit? What justification is within the militarization of Igboland and its concomitant brutalization of the indigenous individuals? As we all know, there may be completely no justification of any kind behind such a remedy however for the truth that Buhari led authorities is pouring gravel on which the Igbos would journey and fall. What’s being created here’s a scenario through which to drive its whips of violence and brutality into the very coronary heart of Igboland and to consolidate this plot, Buhari sees the necessity to demonize the possession of any accouterments belonging to Biafra or the trimmings thereof, together with marching orders to crush Biafran adherents, interval.

For historic functions, Chiwetelu Agu is a monument of inventive excellence who has proven nothing however love and patriotism each in his current public appearances usually within the colours of the Biafran flag and in his enduring tendency to assist feed the poor and needy. And you’d suppose that his bigger than life persona is sufficient to assist inoculate some navy self-discipline into these brutes, however apparently not. This in fact, clearly speaks of the totality of politicization and polarization of the Nigerian navy, which depicts each signal of irreversibility. Very unhappy. Above all, when the noise and anger over this entire navy epilepsy clears up, the torrential rain will start; and it has proven its temperament which is only one path, amongst many others. It intends to roll out its flood. For sure that Buhari has achieved his entire life desires of disrupting the celestial serenity that has existed in Igboland for the reason that finish of the warfare.

And once more, to say that Buhari just isn’t out to do as a lot injury to Ndi-Igboas he presumably can whereas in workplace, is to painstakingly deceive oneself even when the reality might be stated effortlessly. He’s out to get the Igbos who battle in opposition to his fulanization agenda, has been so for the reason that onset of his presidency. Sadly, the one Igbos identified to have boldly stood up in opposition to him and his Fulani Caliphate, are the youths. A lot of the Igbo elders, thinktanks and politicians, have lengthy betrayed Igboland for the sake of their bellies. However Chiwetelu Agu just isn’t certainly one of them. He’s a real Igbo man, a fantastic Biafran and posterity will without end reference him anytime the problem of Biafra is mentioned.

Written by Chima Ono

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu

For household Writers Press Worldwide.


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