Can Joe Biden Survive This If Found True? As FBI Investigate US Election


Investigation is still on, despite Joe Biden, the Democratic party presidential candidate has declared the President-elect on Saturday.

Currently, information reaching our desk, that the FBI is investigating the US election results

Although, the Supreme Court has honoured Donald Trump’s lawsuit calling for the recounting of general cities and to separate Mail-in ballot that came in after 8 pm on the election day which is nothing but good news for Donald Trump.

Recall, Donald Trump was leading in Michigan before Joe Biden results gradually take the pace and overcame Trump which put the Former Vice President in the favourite position to win the election.

Now, another problem is brewing up for Joe Biden which might put his election result in jeopardy.


A few hours ago in Detroit city, Michigan, a worker has stepped up to claim that election workers were allegedly asked to backdate ballot that has come in after the election deadline has passed.

The statement has made the FBI take up the issue and are very interested in the whistleblower statement.

If the allegations were found to be true, this would be a major big problem for Joe Biden in his conquest to the White House.

Federal Bureau Intelligence is now on the matter which if found true would favour Donald Trump and put Biden in a very difficult position.

If this truly be found true then, Joe Biden will lose his position, And it will be good news for Donald Trump, which he can use against Joe Biden to claimed his stolen mandate




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