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British Allegiance with Fulani Against Biafra – the woe of Nigeria



British Allegiance with Fulani In opposition to Biafra – the woe of Nigeria  Previous Fulani rulers and their British Collaborators From the time the Bri…

British Allegiance with Fulani In opposition to Biafra – the woe of Nigeria

Previous Fulani rulers and their British Collaborators

From the time the British imperialists encountered the marauding Fulanis until date, they’ve engaged in all method of evil and wickedness in opposition to the indigenous land homeowners in Nigeria. At first, they ruined the Hausa kingdom. It’s arduous to explain what the Hausa folks handed by means of however a window of alternative is the genocide dedicated in opposition to the Judeo-Christian Biafrans and Southerners, enabled by Britain, from 1943 and reached a chilling degree in 1970. From 1970, the Fulanis have engaged in concerted destruction of no matter is remaining of the indigenous habitation having obtained assurances of globalists safety. The goal of this text is to not dwell on the globalists however to x-ray the hatchet job the Fulanis are doing for them.

The Fulani oligarchs, represented by Ahmadu Bello, have by no means hidden their want to deep the Koran within the Atlantic ocean and dominate everybody of their nice grandparents property, Nigeria. Because the genocidal conflict ended, after the sensible testing of the Wahhabism (using violence as advocated by Saudi Arabia), they began interfering and putting in their loyalists in each political, social and cultural group of affect.

This was meant to make sure that nobody has the liberty to pursue their future. At first, the unsolicited intrusion was furtive but it surely quickly gave solution to an open and daring involvement. Now it has turn into assertive. There is no such thing as a area militarized just like the Jap area. Neither does any area undergo navy arson and indiscriminate capturing of unarmed civilian populace resulting in internally displaced folks by authorities actors in nationwide uniform. These don’t even happen in terrorism ravaged North with governors, unabashedly silent.

Management is a name to serve. This service is to the folks when there may be true democracy (a authorities of the folks, for the folks and by the folks). The seeming hole in management, in Biafraland (known as Jap Nigeria), is as a result of sluggish however regular unchallenged imposition of vassals as governors, senators, representatives and so forth for over fifty (50) years. It’s true that the journey of the oppressors relies on the mindset of the oppressed.

For over fifty (50) years, we select to do completely nothing. Whereas up to now, within the analogue age, the Fulani provided us analogue fashions; quick ahead to 2019 and behold our inaction has climaxed right into a supreme courtroom imposition of a candidate. It’s now using the judiciary, which is the final hope of the widespread man, in a democratic setting. It isn’t God’s commandment that we pray, the place we have to act (Luke 11:21). The Fulani has moles in each side of Biafrans’ lives together with faith. The felony tacit of politicians and non secular leaders, within the face of grave injustice, is an indictment and indicative of who they serve.

The doorway of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the group he leads, the Indigenous Individuals of Biafra (IPOB), is the sport changer. From his first unlawful arrest in 2015 until date, he has awoken one thing up in his folks. They’re not beholden to Britain. All they need now could be freedom. They may get it no matter who doesn’t need that due to financial curiosity. At first, the youths have been dismissed and known as unprintable names but they persevered.

They’ve protested in probably the most tough of political turbulent environments and paid the last word worth. Nevertheless, the high-handedness of the central authorities has performed nothing however elevated the membership and assist throughout the size and breadth of Biafraland. To reduce casualties, the sit-at-home as a civil disobedience, was launched. The overall compliance to the mock referendum is obtrusive. Nonetheless, one doesn’t anticipate the Fulani oligarchs, used to violent inclination, or their handpicked japanese leaders, used to pacifying their masters, to be taught something from the mock referendum sit-at-home. If something, they’ll double down on their tyranny and treachery, as taught by historical past. Quickly sufficient although, they might come to know that no military is as robust as a military of volunteers. That too is historic.

Written by Chibueze Daniel

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu

For Household Writers Press Worldwide.


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