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Biafra: Restoration Will Loosen Africa From British Spell



 Biafra: Restoration Will Loosen Africa From British Spell It’s maddening to be taught that the British authorities is among the suppliers of m…

Biafra: Restoration Will Loosen Africa From British Spell

It’s maddening to be taught that the British authorities is among the suppliers of navy weapons to the Nigerian authorities. The weapons it makes use of to perpetrate acts of genocide in opposition to the indigenous individuals of Biafra looking for self-determination, emanate from there. And by this and the accent silence whereas her weapons are getting used to commit crimes in opposition to humanity, the British authorities is tarred with the identical brush because the Nigerian authorities. Clearly, they work in live performance in hopes of stopping the restoration of Biafra.

By the worldwide energy and affect it possesses, the British authorities has lengthy sat upon the felony actions of the Nigerian authorities, concealing them so effectively that the world is perpetually saved at midnight. Put in one other manner, the impetus behind the tradition of gross human rights violations by the Nigerian authorities and a number of different atrocities, notably the continued acts of genocide in opposition to Biafrans of Igbo extraction and burning down of their homes, each of which have grow to be a routine and present no indicators of abating any time quickly, is drawn from the UK.

Now, the questions are: how can a British authorities which claims to be nice and oversees a individuals ruled by the rule of legislation, freedom and equal safety earlier than the legislation, but helps the Nigerian authorities characterised by lawlessness, human rights abuses, terrorism, brutalities and genocide? How may the British authorities who had just lately performed a referendum for Scotland to find out whether or not they needed to stay in the UK or not, insert itself between Biafrans and their rights to self-determination by means of the identical referendum?

Once more, how may the British authorities use one hand to idolize and cherish her youngsters and with one other hand, provide refined navy weapons to a habitually lawless entity as the federal government of Nigeria, figuring out absolutely effectively that the weapons could be turned on Biafran youngsters? I simply can’t stress this an excessive amount of — it betrays management and an excellent picture the British authorities tends to painting. It’s the top of duplicity and hypocrisy. A double-dealing.

Subsequently, it’s clear that the British authorities imagines Biafrans much less people and as not a individuals with the rights to exist and thrive as a nation. It fairly imagines Biafrans as cash making commodities that may be offered and acquired and their lands plundered at will. The ecological destructions by numerous British oil and gasoline corporations throughout the oil fields in Biafraland which go on unabated, and with no compensation to the natives whose farmlands and streams are irreparably destroyed, is a working example.

In any occasion, Biafrans are right to surmise that the British authorities is unimaginably afraid to see Biafra restored. The reason is {that a} sovereign Biafra means a brand new daybreak for Africa. An incidence more than likely to chop Africa unfastened to make their very own manner on this planet. However that appears like a risk and an enormous loss to the British authorities whose greatest coverage for Africa is a continuum of exploitative schemes and Africa in perpetual darkness, is a large acquire for British individuals who virtually stay and breathe on the backs and the blood of Africans. Because the Brits will put it — Biafra restoration would destroy or spoil issues for them.

Biafra’s re-emergence will usher in fairness and equity, the tradition of exploitation baked within the relationship between the British authorities and the Fulani-controlled Nigerian authorities will probably be expunged. Apparently, such notion falls afoul of the British authorities’s venture of everlasting neo-colonial enslavement of the African individuals and management of the wealthy oil and gasoline deposits in Biafra.

Nonetheless, the British authorities can refute the above expenses in opposition to it, and maybe reshape the narrative of her brutal previous, by merely honoring Biafrans name and proper to self-determination and forcing the Nigerian authorities to the desk. To essentially stay as much as the title and the beliefs she claims to carry so expensive, it should put a cease to the availability of navy weapons to the terrorists-infiltrated Nigerian authorities.

Moreover, it should shine a highlight on the criminalities of the Nigerian authorities, particularly on the involvements with terror teams and the continued acts of genocide in opposition to the indigenous individuals of Biafra. And eventually, but greater than anything, the UK ought to stand in all respect as a countervailing drive in opposition to the lawless, brutal, abusive and genocidal authorities of Nigeria. That manner, the journey to redemption would have begun!

Written by

Chima Ono

Edited by

Chibueze Daniel

For Household Writers Press Worldwide

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