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African Taliban: Pawns Of The Globalists, Projected Against Biafrans (Part 1)




 African Taliban: Pawns Of The Globalists, Projected Towards Biafrans (Half 1) Present happenings in Afghanistan and almost about the Uni…

 African Taliban: Pawns Of The Globalists, Projected Towards Biafrans (Half 1)

Present happenings in Afghanistan and almost about america authorities’s evacuation of entrapped residents, few issues have actually change into uncontestable. Beneath the management of the previous President, Mr. Donald John Trump, it was fairly apparent that america of America, was by no means conspiratorial and peace was actually achievable. 

For the umpteenth time, the globalists are behind the One World Authorities (OWG) or New World Order (NWO), which dictionary definitions deliberately and erroneously give interpretation to. The Oxford dictionary definition says that globalists are: “individuals who advocate for the planning of financial and overseas insurance policies, in relation to occasions and developments all through the world”. Simply rigorously observe how they overuse and misuse the phrases, “multiculturalism and utopia”, to deceive the gullible.  They’re the Eugenics who promote uncontrolled abortion and inhabitants discount particularly, among the many poor.

This set of persons are principally white liberals with woke privileges that search to edit the historical past of their previous unjust and inhuman actions like  “slavery.”

One factor these eugenics want most, is to “management.” They see human sufferings as vital and use the instrument of “concern” to realize their purpose.

Since they management the “army industrial complicated”, “massive pharmaceutical corporations”, and the “massive tech mainstream media”, everybody and every thing else stays expendable for revenue maximization.

The army industrial complicated causes countless wars throughout the globe, whereas the massive pharmaceutical corporations create new infections and illnesses just like the ravaging world Corona Virus, funded by Anthony Fauci and his pals. Whereas all these prevail, the massive tech mainstream media push their pre-planned narrative of concern, concern, and countless concern. 

Sadly, the globalists have deep pockets, moles and operatives throughout all creeds and tribes, together with very regrettably, some, from amongst the persecuted.

The Fulani Islamists who represent themselves because the African Taliban, kind a part of such operatives for the globalists. They thrive as devices of violence and countless wars. They’ve their eyes set on Biafrans and Biafraland. 

……to be Continued!

Written by 

Chibueze Daniel

Edited by

Chukwunyere Emenogu

For Household Writers Press Worldwide

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