A Twitter User Said Davido Has A Frog Voice, See The Reply He Gave Him That Got People Talking


There are many things attached to leading a life of stardom and celebrity than taking pictures, enjoying the huge fan base, and other frivolities and luxuries that come with it. There is a need to understand the need to know how to handle criticisms and remarks. Some comments can be repulsive and provocative, no doubt, but it is professional and expected of a celebrity not to fall for cheap stunts like that.


No matter how cheap some stunts are, the fact that they hit really hard cannot be overlooked, yet it should be handled in a critical and less explosive manner. Among other artists, DAVIDO hasn’t had a record of handling criticism very well… He mostly reacts to trolls and comments aimed at criticizing his songs.

However, it seems he went too far this time by “broke shaming” a fan who posted that he really has a frog voice. As offensive as the post might sound, broke shaming shouldn’t be his next line of action, as it didn’t go down well with many people, who continued to drag him and give offensive comments over his cheap reply; broke shaming.

It attracted a lot of attention and comments came flooding like an opened dam. Many people gave him the bit of their mind and left the guy who started the whole drama by posting that the award-winning superstar really has a frog-like voice. If he had reacted in a different and civil approach things wouldn’t get this rough for him.


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